B3 Bands

Forget the current paradigm of “no pain, no gain” with high intensity and long duration exercises.  With B3 bands you can workout in 1/2 the time with 1/2 the weight and get better results!  Our blood flow restriction bands safely increases your heart rate, sweating, growth hormones, metabolism, strength, cardiovascular fitness, bone density and shortens your recovery time with less muscle soreness!

It’s easy to use, portable, comfortable, requires no training and is affordable.  You can use them anywhere with any activity!  It can be used by anyone whether you prefer to walk, need low loads due to injury or pain, or you’re a conditioned athlete.  They are truly a revolution in health and fitness!

Call me at 719-659-7467 to learn more or visit my B3 page at: https://chrish.b3sciences.com