Body of Excellence Training50 minutes of combined Warm-up, Interval Strength and Cardio Training and Range of Motion training.  The focus of this training is to increase core strength using body-weight exercises; increase general strength and enhance muscle tone using a combination of body-weight and loaded movement patterns; increase range of motion in the joints and muscles thru a combination of rolling techniques and resistance stretching that loosens and elongates fascial tissue.  In recent years, it has been researched that fascial manipulation such as this increases range of motion in areas that do not meet ROM norms.  This is beneficial because limited ROM causes joints above or below the affected area to “pick up the slack” and work harder or differently than they were intended.  That is when pain and injury occur.  By un-knotting your tight areas you will benefit your entire kinetic chain.   Additionally, it just helps loosen your body and feels good!  Please join me as I offer training at a gym, called The Physique, in the lower level of the Warehouse building near the intersection of Colorado and Cascade.   

  • BOE Standard program for total body and mobility.​18-day session, 6 weeks, 3 days/week.  35-40 minutes of body and resistance training using the Tabata method.  Mobility time is 10-20 minutes. 
  • M, W, F
  • 6am or 7am
  • 6 week session
  • max 4 ppl
  • $570/person
  • Session 1 – May 1 – June 16
  • Session 2 – June 19 – July 28