Certified Nutrition Coach - Colorado SpringsNutrition Coaching Special - One year $499.00 ($42.00 mo)

That's less than $1.50 a day to commit to a better you!

What can you expect from me:
• A coach that cares about YOUR goals. Together we define what is meaningful to your health and create an action plan. Sometimes it’s not about losing weight, but tweaking your nutrition to promote better health.
• A coach that will develop a strong working relationship with you. I use a client-centered approach, emphasizing empathy and growth.
• A coach that is able to guide you thru all stages of nutrition. Whether you are new to nutritional best-practices, have a good working knowledge of macronutrient and food preparation, or a seasoned pro looking to cut weight for an event, I can guide you toward your goal.
• A coach who has the right tools and techniques to help you in your journey. Whether it’s setting up a healthy pantry, learning how to eat mindfully or dealing restaurant meals, I have a variety of methods to help guide you to success.
• A coach can solve complex problems thoughtfully. It is not uncommon for people to have challenges such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, or dietary limitations. I can work with your doctor if necessary to find the best solution for you.
• A coach who communicates effectively and clearly. We will meet personally on a weekly basis and via email or text more often, if desired.

Precision Nutrition Certified Trainer

What program do I use?
• I am part of the Precision Nutrition coaching team as well as a Life Time Fitness certified nutrition coach. The largest and most respected nutrition coaching company in the world. They are out of Canada and lead by a brilliant man named Dr. John Berardi. Go to http://www.precisionnutrition.com and tool around their website. They have a great training program and an awesome blog that can address most of your questions.

Do I have to count calories?
• That’s up to you. We believe that it is not practical and not sustainable, but it is fun to try for a while for educational purposes. Instead, we use a portion-sized program based upon your hand size. Your palm represents protein, your closed fist represents fruit and vegetables and your cupped hand represents grains. No weighing and measuring (unless you want to do that!)

Do I have to go on a “Diet”?
• There is no “perfect diet” because everyone is different. This program is not about putting you on a ‘program’, ie Weight Watchers, Paleo, Atkins, etc. It’s about working together to discover what works for you. If you are using a diet program that works, great! If not, we’ll work together to get you to a healthy, sustainable place. This is an educational journey. Believe me, as long as you stay committed, you will enjoy the process.

What is expected from you?
• Weekly check-ins. Each week or two we will choose the next step in your nutritional education. You are expected to do your best with each week’s strategy and discuss how things are going.
• Dedicated time to practicing the skills that you are working on. Whether it's eating mindfully or replacing sweetened drinks with non-sweetened drinks, change takes time. You need to expect to take a little time every day to work on a small change.
• Commit 6-12 months to this program. Change takes time. Allow a minimum of 6 months to embody your new skills and see outcomes. Wherever you are now, remember that it has taken time to get there. It will take time to create long-lasting change.

Call me at 719-659-7467 to learn more.